2024-25 MD Coaching Application (Milton Minor Hockey)

2024-25 MD Coaching Application

Applicant Information

Coaching Information

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Coaching Experience

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Certification & Qualifications

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Please provide names of persons that could speak to your hockey experience, background and coaching style.

Coaching Philosophy and Credentials

Please attach additional information which reflects your hockey background as a coach and as a player. Outline your coaching philosophy. Identify your goals and objectives for the team for which you are applying.

Tell us about yourself.

Please provide any further information that is not already detailed in this application.

Milton Minor Hockey Association requires that the Head Coach acknowledge understanding and responsibility for adherence to MMHA's rules of operations including but not limited to the following:

Coach's Code of Conduct
Criminal Record Check with VSS requirement
Return to Play/Concussion Protocol/Rowan's Law
OMHA On-Ice Helmet Requirements for volunteers, staff and participants
OMHA Mouth Guard Requirements
MMHA Social Media & Networking Policy
MMHA AP Policy
MMHA Tryout Policy
MMHA Team Budget Policy
MMHA Tournament Travel Policy
MMHA Fundraising Policy
MMHA Goalie Fair Play Policy
MMHA Rep Fair Play Policy
MMHA Logo Policy

I hereby agree that I understand and acknowledge that I am responsible for ensuring compliance with the above requirements, including all applicable Rules and Regulations of Hockey Canada, the Ontario Hockey Federation, the Ontario Minor Hockey Association and Milton Minor Hockey Association.  I understand that these policies may be updated through the season and new policies may be created and that I am responsible for adhering to any such revisions and updates. I understand that non-compliance can lead to my removal as Head Coach.

I hereby agree that I understand that not all applicants will receive an interview.

I hereby agree that I understand that the information obtained will be confidential but may be shared with relevent persons in order to help MMHA make an informed decision.