Injury Reporting (Milton Minor Hockey)

Print Injury Reporting
Team/Player Info
  1. Select Team from dropdown list. The list is auto-generated from the website to include all teams. Please ensure you have picked correctly!
  2. Last Name, First Name
  3. Email so you get a copy of this injury form emailed back for your records
  1. RadDatePicker
    Open the calendar popup.
  2. Select from dropdown list.
  3. Give details of when/where the injury occurred.
Injury Description
  1. What/how it happened.
Managment of Injury
  1. Eg. ice/bandage/tape/etc
  2. Select most appropriate statement. Remember, if player requires continued medical care that a Hockey Canada Injury Report must be filled out by the doctor/EMS.
Follow Up/Recommendations
What did you recommend to the player/parents?
  1. e.g. recommend to see family doctor, other, etc
  2. Someting else you may want to pass along to the Head Trainer.
Human Validation